Our Purpose:

To develop and contribute to local and international economic regeneration through the arts. 


To build a multinational  entertainment company and talent management that will be the leading force in discovering, supporting, empowering and working with young talents from all races in the state of Iowa to begin with, expand nationwide and Internationally in the future on the global stage. 


To be completely involved in providing a wide assemblage of entertainment services and discovering, developing, promoting, and managing wide array of young talents from all backgrounds with different niche in the entertainment industry by giving them a platform with access to unlimited opportunities that would help them reach their highest peak in life and usher them into the spotlight. 

Future Star Africa, LLC (FSA), is a multinational  Entertainment company operating a Model & Talent agency that discovers, develop, promote, and manage young talents from all backgrounds and works of life such as: Models, Artists, Film Producers and Directors, Content Creators, Influencers, Comedians, Actors, Actresses, Voiceover Artists, Poets, etc. For placements, auditions, and other productions in the entertainment industry nationally and internationally.

Registered in Iowa, United States, since May 16th, 2017, and in Freetown Sierra Leone.

Our Ethos is Diversity. FSA specializes in profusion of entertainment departments offering branding, films, digital and print marketing, promotions and distributions, record label, live entertainment event services etc. 

We are committed to conveying  high quality  entertainment experiences.



Future Star Africa (FSA) has a management team that values talents of all kinds, encouraging one another, and strongly believes in unity. We believe there is a star in everyone, so we do not discriminate. We want to bring out the best in young individuals, equip them with necessary skills through our training and workshop programs such as:

Future Star Africa Academy which offers Modeling & Talent Training, To help them gain self-confidence that they may become leaders of alteration in society;

and Queendom Academy of Pageantry, a pageant coaching established for girls and women. To help them build self-confidence and prepare them for the pageant stage.


FSA Models International is divided into three divisions: Adults, Teens, and Kids. By far the agency has been transforming models and has succeeded in signing Sierra Leone’s first and second discovered kid models. Our current signed models have worked for brands, worked with different photographers, featured in music videos, featured in newspapers, and are working towards doing more projects. The agency works with clients who are booking models for photo shoots, video shoots, actors/actresses, dancers, singers, pageantry, fashion shows, etc.
Our company is open to work with compatible and efficacious clients who produce astonishing work that will make our models/talents stand out and inspire others.
One of Future Star Africa’s core values as an agency is giving back to society through the arts. Our agency also has a non-profit organization, Future Star Africa Foundation which was established for all models/talents, employees, and administrative board, to do any charity of their choice in helping bring a smile to the faces of the less privileged. Moments like that are very special to us!