Our agency accepts everyone. We do not discriminate, this is an agency for all.

Future Star Africa (FSA) is a model and talent agency for kids, youths, and adults worldwide. FSA was legally registered on May 16th, 2017, In Des Moines, Iowa, United States, and has a second branch in Freetown Sierra Leone. The founder is Jeneba Saccoh Wanjah, a Sierra Leonean born. Jeneba Wanjah is an Entrepreneur, a former beauty queen, print model, runway/pageant coach , and a youth program coordinator. Her greatest desire is to use FSA to make a difference in the lives of others. Her passion for FSA model and talent came from her experience as a child growing up in Sierra Leone. Now she is wanting to give back similar opportunities she was given while living in the Unites States. These range from art, music, modeling, acrobats, sports, etc.

Many kids in Africa are limited from showcasing their potential. Majority of the time would have low self-esteem, and sometimes they get discouraged because it seems like no one believes in them. There isn’t much going on out there for them to get involved in and stay off the streets.

However, African kids and youths in the United States get provoked by their school mates and peers, because they are African, and they have an accent. It leads to them feeling unaccepted. Most African parents disapprove for their kids to participate in activities to prevent them from getting bullied. No one deserves to be made fun of because of their originality.

Often, African kids/youths that come from Africa, and some kids/youths born in the United States by African parents deny their heritage just to fit in. Our agency is looking forward to bringing a change to that by educating them about the uniqueness of their African origin. Moreover, by showcasing African culture in a fashionable scenery for these kids/youths to be accepted for whom they are. This is an agency that strongly believes that everyone should have access to unlimited opportunities to help them get to the spotlight.

We have a management team that value each talent, encouraging one another, strongly believes in unity, and are classy hardworking individuals who are passionate about helping others. One of our long-term goals is to open a Talent Studio Center for youths in Sierra Leone. A place they could go to express their creativity and get the training they may need and possibly expand in various African countries. We believe there is a star in everyone, so we do not discriminate. We want to bring out the best in young individuals that they would become leaders of alteration in society.
Future Star Africa (FSA) is looking forward to forming models and other talents for clients booking for photo-shoots, video-shoots, acting, dancing, singing, pageantry, fashion shows etc. Our company will be open to work mainly with compatible efficacious clients who produce astonishing work piece that’ll make our models and other talents standout and inspire others. We are more than just an agency, we are family. Be a part of Future Star Africa (FSA), and get your shine on.

One of Future Star Africa’s core values as an agency is giving back to society through the arts. Our agency also has a non-profit organization, Future Star Africa Foundation; which was established for all models/ talents, employees, and administrative board, to do any charity of choice in helping bring a smile to the faces of the less privileged. Moments like that are very special to us!